Toot-Toot Drivers Amusement Park

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Spares or repairs
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Toot-Toot Drivers Amusement Park

Spares or Repair Only, Various parts missing (whole purple bottom section and car), Supplied sections are all in working order including catapult and winch, Shows numerous signs of previous use, Supplied repackaged with no instructions

A huge amusement park for hours of fun with the Go. go. Smart Wheels. HANDWHEEL For Turning Up The Hill and Down At Full Speed through a tunnel. A lever to operate move the vehicle at the top of the feature and then to a looping Sensationnel 100 at a time. A Ferris Wheel to activate to rotate the mini tut tut. A lever to press to turn the car in the armoury. The electronic vehicle included "Loulou Daredevil" plays fun phrases and sounds when it goes over the magic 6 zones. 3 exciting songs and 6 melodies. It can be connected to go. go. Smart Wheels Universe, tut tut animo or TUT TUT Riesling. 2 "AAA" batteries for the vehicle.

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