Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine, Black (Parts Missing)

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Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine, Black (Parts Missing)

Used Acceptable Condition - Tested & Working - A few scratches and Signs of Use - Includes Instructions and opened Filter - Missing Milk Storage Lid and Bottle - Comes in Original Box.

The Tommee Tippee closer to nature Prefect prep machine makes a fresh baby bottle at the right serving temperature in less than 2 minutes. Specially designed to make preparing baby formula bottles quicker and more accurate, baby bottle maker gives parents the extra peace of mind that comes from knowing baby's bottle will be ideal every time. How does the Prefect prep machine work. 1) The hotshot The prep machine will release an initial hot shot of water into your bottle. At 70°C this will kill bacteria that may be present in the formula. The initial burst of hot water also helps to dissolve the formula quickly and easily. 2) Scoop the desired amount of milk formula powder into the hot shot of water and shake to dissolve, then pop your bottle back under the dispenser. 3) The top up Press again to top up your bottle with cooler water and you’re done - a fresh bottle at body temperature, all in under 2 minutes. Compatible with most branded baby bottles. How do I care for my Tommee Tippee Prefect prep machine. Prefect prep Machine clean warning light will prompt you when it is time to run a clean cycle. It will also tell you when it needs to be descaled. We recommend you carry out this cleaning cycle on your Prefect prep machine every 4 weeks, whenever you replace your Tommee Tippee replacement filter or if the machine has been unused for 7 days. Please refer to our instruction manual for full care instructions.

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