The Big Cheese Ultra Power Trap Kit for Rats + Rentokil Mouse/Rat Gap Sealant

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The Big Cheese Ultra Power Trap Kit for Rats + Rentokil Mouse/Rat Gap Sealant

Used Excellent. Complete in original packaging. No signs of use Missing bait. Supplied with 1 tube of Rentokil Rat Gap Sealant

For the guarantee of trapping and then killing rats, this ultra power rat trap kit comes with a baited ultra power trap to kill rats fast. The trap station can be re used and it's safe to use as it protects children and pets such as cats and dogs from the powerful ready baited rat trap. 

The rat trap station can be used as a bait box with the bait block fixings which are included and it's suitable for use within gardens, sheds, outbuildings and garages. The station enables safe control and disposal of rats within  the home or in commercial premises , the trap kit is great for keeping  captured rodents hidden from sight until disposal is possible.

  • Catch & Kill
  • Guaranteed to kill rats fast
  • Protection for children and pets
  • Non-toxic sealant.
  • Prevents access to mice and rats in and around the home.
  • Ideal for cracks, joints, holes and seams.

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