SSL Satellites Sky Octo LNB 8 Way for MK4 Dishes (Untested)

SSLSKU: AMZ0012-1397

Spares Or Repair
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SSL Satellites Sky Octo LNB 8 Way for MK4 Dishes (Untested)

Spares or Repair. Item is used but untested. Is complete. Has some light marks to plastic near outputs. In original box but without instructions.

  • Octo LNB: It’s an LNB with a single feedhorn but multiples output tuners each tuner responds to its band and polarization. LNB octo works by converting high frequencies to lower frequencies.
  • Amplification and Noise: The low noise amplifier section of the LNB amplifies this weak signal while adding the minimum possible amount of noise to the signal.
  • 8 Way Output LNB: octo LNB is a universal LNB it gives signal to every satellite dish attached to it its workable output with all the SKY satellite and freesat receiver
  • Change in voltage: As you switch channels With an LNB, the polarity changes when the receiver changes the voltage going into it. This voltage shift causes it to switch back and forth between two different antenna probes (horizontal and vertical) within the LNB itself.
  • Easy installation: octo LNB is easy to install without any effort all you need is to clip it on your satellite dish. It has high resistance against bad outside environment

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