Roden 739 Type B Old London Bus 1/72

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Roden 739 Type B Old London Bus 1/72


The Type B was able to transport up to 34 passengers — 16 on the first level and another 18 on the second "floor", which was not covered by any roof, which apparently did not facilitate travel during bad weather, but allowed for a good view from the height of several feet from the surface. The first buses did not even have headlights, which caused some danger during their operation in the dark, but in 1912, all previously built buses, along with the new ones, received an electric lighting system.
The maximum speed of the bus was 16 miles per hour, but almost immediately the London police set a speed limit of 12 miles for reasons of traffic safety in the city. Immediately with the advent of a new mode of transport, an extensive itinerary network was created, and in this context the only transport was cabs that carried passengers solely by the modern principle of taxi transportation. Currently, passengers have been able to get from one end of the city to another on a specific route, knowing in advance the bus schedule of a particular route.
In the coming years, nearly 2,500 B-type buses have been built, and their use has become larger and larger.

Scale: 1/72
Skill level 4

Paints and glue not included

Not suitable for under 14 years of age

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