Nuby UV Dummy Steriliser Pod (Parts Missing)

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Nuby UV Dummy Steriliser Pod (Parts Missing)

Used item in very good condition. Shows signs of use, as has some scuffs and wear on front. Tested and fully working. No dummy as it is missing. 1 lug of battery compartment is broken but does not effect use. Comes without original box or instructions.

Imagine being able to sterilise dummies when you're out and about…without water…? Well with this mini portable UV steriliser, you can! It's so handy to use on the go and there's no water or microwave needed (horray!!). Simply pop a dummy into the compact unit, press 'STERILISE' to start a 3 minute UV cycle and you're good to go straight away - no need to wait for it to cool off as there's no heat used in the first place! The sterilisation button will light up and blink when the cycle is in progress. It'll be a solid light when the cycle completes. UV sterilisation is really easy to understand too. Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation that kills microorganisms (the medical industry uses ultraviolet light to sterilise rooms, equipment and medical instruments). With this little device you can zap and kill 99.99% of bacteria FAST*. Neat or what? So no water, no microwave, no chemicals, no cooling time, no drying just 3 mins FLAT and you're ready to go. Road tested, pavement tested and sticky toddler group tested. We've included one of our award-winning dummies inside but you can use any dummy in this game changing, on-the-go sterilising solution. There's even a handy strap that you can easily attach to a buggy or bag with. If you're anything like us and go through many dummies, once you've got a sterilised one, you can pop in another so that's ready for when you need it next too. All you need to do is pop in 3 x AA batteries or plug into the mains using the USB cable provided *excludes gram positive bacteria. For full details on how to use and all warnings, please refer to the instructions for use leaflet included inside your UV Dummy Steriliser pack. This product is suitable for surface sterilisation of soothers only. Only sterilise one soother at a time. Attempts to sterilise more than one soother could reduce effectiveness.

Do not stare at the UV light as it can cause discomfort or retinal damage with prolonged exposure. Keep the product away from children and don't wash or soak the product in water. Wash soother or wipe clean to remove debris before sterilisation then open the lid, place the soother inside, then close the lid. Wipe clean only. Do not wash or soak the product in water.

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