Mobile Air Conditioning, Air Cooler with Air Purification Function, Humidification

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Mobile Air Conditioning, Air Cooler with Air Purification Function, Humidification

Used item in good condition. One small crack on control panel. Tested and working. May be some water residue in tank from testing. Has remote which works. One ice pack is missing. In tatty original packaging without instructions.

Do you live in a dry climate? By using this evaporative fan, can add some moisture to the dry air and filter the powder particles in the air, thus benefiting a lot from it. This air cooler fan not only circulates air circulation but also uses the power of evaporation to cool it. Brings you a strong, cool, moist breeze-perfect for hot and dry climates.

Its working power is only 65W, which is definitely more efficient in energy saving than electric fans, and eliminates the high air conditioning fee. It is the best choice for summer power saving. The treatment of Freon-free is good for protecting the atmosphere and improving our living environment.

The friendly LED control panel allows you easily to view the selected speed, mode and timer options. It also comes with a remote control that makes you can control the power, timer and wind settings of all air coolers from anywhere in the room.

There are 3 modes that can meet your needs in different periods. The time function of 0-7.5 hours can help you avoid trouble at night. The special design of supply air with wide-angle automatic swing leaves can evenly distribute cold air into the room and ensure a wide range of cooling, bringing you a cool feeling in the hot summer.

The water tank lock will secure the water tank, so you don't have to worry about leaks, electric shock, and other safety issues. In addition, the built-in handle and universal wheel design intended to easily move the unit

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