IAGORYUE Humane Mouse Trap for Indoors, Rat and Rodent Trap,


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IAGORYUE Humane Mouse Trap for Indoors, Rat and Rodent Trap,

Used Good - 1 x Humane Mouse Trap. Some scratches in various places showing signs of use. Tested and working as intended. This item will be repackaged.

  • Humanized Design: Since humane mouse-trap has no poison, no glue and electricity, our humane mouse trap is eco friendly and pet friendly. In addition, our five air-gap designs allow trapped mice to breathe smoothly, let them lie comfortably in the cage without injury, which will prevent direct contact with dead mice. Naturally, our humane mouse traps are safe to use in families with children or dogs. Enjoy a happy life with your family!
  • Easy to Use: Our mouse traps for indoors only needs to open the spring door at one end of the small lid of the mousetrap and put the bait into it. The mouse hole design reduces the alertness of the mouse. Once the mouse enters the mouse traps and touches the pedal, its weight and movement activate the spring mechanism. Finally, the door will close quickly. You can find that whether to hold the mouse through the transparent design and reduce contact with mice.

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