Facial Steamer Salon for Pores and Sinus, Portable Tabletop Ion Vapour

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Facial Steamer Salon for Pores and Sinus, Portable Tabletop Ion Vapour

Used excellent condition. Tested and checked. Instructions included.

  • Nano Ozone with UV Light Double Care - Equipped with UV light and high effect steamer this Facial Steamer Salon can provide nano-level moisturizing ultra-fine mist purest mist without any bacterial or impurity substance(wiped out by the UV light) to help removes dirt and grease deep inside your skin pore
  • ABS Material more Durable and Stable - This Ionic Face Steamer is made of ABS material, a kind of plastic that has a high durability and stability as well as better skin-friendly, it will have a longer and more stable service life
  • Automatically Power Off Device Double Protection - This Vapour Ozone Steamer Face Care has a Automatically Power Off Device inside when the water is too full or too little the steamer will automatically power off giving you double protection and you can rest assure by using this steamer
  • 360°Rotation High Versatility Nonfunctional - This Nano Ionic Face Steamer can be added with aromatherapy essential oil for aromatherapy besides the head of it can be 360°rotated it can also serve as a humidifier by different angle for your house or for hair care reducing wrinkles, reducing sensitivity and preventing hair static

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