Cosmic Shimmer Lustre Polish Tango Tease 50ml

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Cosmic Shimmer Lustre Polish Tango Tease 50ml


Cosmic Shimmer Lustre Polish is a water-based, fast-drying medium containing fine mica particles available in a rainbow of bright colours. It is designed to create an intense shimmering background or highlight textures in craft and mixed media projects. The pots have their own incorporated delivery system making them easy to use on a variety of surfaces including MDF, card, paper and home décor projects. Buffing will create an enhanced shimmer; before buffing allow the Lustre Polish to dry slightly. Once dry, the Lustre Polish background can be overstamped and heat embossed. Applying the polish to an embossed surface highlights the texture for amazing dazzling backgrounds.

• Water based polish
• Built in applicator sponge
• 50ml

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