Photon Therapy Acne Treatment Machine

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Photon Therapy Acne Treatment Machine

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  • This Skincare Beauty Machine can clear or fade mild to moderate acne blemishes easily. Whitening, repair acne, spots, wrinkles, pregnant lines, sterilization, desensitization, improve oily skin, at the same time can promote protein and collagen synthesis, making the skin firmer
  • 3 Modes Therapy Lights. Blue light can repair rough skin surface, making skin silky and smooth. Control skin grease and remove acne. Yellow light accelerates blood circulation, improving cell repairing and activating cells. Red light can improve the production of collagen, reducing wrinkles, spots and pigmentation.
  • Light weight and compact, easy to carry, suitable for family, business trip and travel. Timing function, it can be timed for 15/30/45 minutes. 5V power supply, you can use a charger, mobile phone plug.
  • 3 different light modes, red light, blue light and red and blue light in any proportion, even better for your skin. Strong energy and penetrating ability, and you can also adjust intensity to meet your own skin care need. Large light-emitting region.
  • Designed for treating acne & pimples all over the face, large pores and loose skin. Each color of light shows beneficial effects on particular skin conditions. It can improve blood circulation, brighten skin, increase cell elasticity, repair skin, anti-allergy.

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