BRITA Marella XL Water Filter Blue +1 brita Cartridge

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BRITA Marella XL Water Filter Blue +1 brita Cartridge

Open Box Stock ,Used, Some Scuffs and Marks , Comes With 1 Unused, Opened Cartridge

  • Featuring Micro Carbon Pearls which reduce chlorine and organic impurities improving taste and odour of food and drink
  • BRITA MAXTRA+ contains Ion Exchange Pearls which permanently absorb metals and reduce limescale protecting appliances against scale build up
  • Fresh tasting water without plastic bottle waste for just a few pence per Litre and with the electronic memo reminder display, you will know when it's time to replace your Maxtra cartridge
  • Water jug has a large, countertop design with 2.4 Litre filtered water capacity, 3.5 Litre total capacity featuring a flip lid for easy filling, dishwasher safe except the lid
  • Items delivered: 1 x BRITA Marella water filter jug with 1 x MAXTRA+ filter cartridge which lasts 4 weeks and is recyclable

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