Bosch ErgoMixx MSM66120 600W, Plastic, 12 Speeds, Grey, White

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Bosch ErgoMixx MSM66120 600W, Plastic, 12 Speeds, Grey, White

New other, Customer return, Unused and as new in original box (although tatty), Complete with all supplied accessories and instructions.

Perfect crushing.
The ErgooMixx MSM66120 model, thanks to its accessories, allows food to be processed in several different ways with a single product. Thanks to its speed selector you get uniform results with all the functions.

Its 750 W of power and its twelve speeds plus the Turbo function guarantee sufficient energy for a perfect result with all its accessories. In addition, the speed selector keeps it constant throughout the process, without the oscillations that occur when the speed depends on the pressure the user makes.

Versatile. The ErgoMixx MSM661240 includes a chopper with a lid, allowing it to chop and whisk with a single appliance.

Comfortable and ergonomic.
Its SoftTouch handle has a non-slip effect and its large buttons allow it to be operated with just one hand.

Easy to clean.
Fully removable and with stainless steel ejection foot to ensure great durability. All its accessories are dishwasher safe and its design makes cleaning the appliance really simple.

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