Angelcare Refill Cassettes - Pack of 6

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Angelcare Refill Cassettes - Pack of 6

New Other - No sign of use - x6 Angelcare Refill Cassettes - Pack of 6 - All in sealed packaging

  • AIR-SEAL--The multi-layer film in the cassette provides effective odour-barrier technology, for a more fragrant home
  • Hygienic--All nappies in the nappy bin are safely contained and you won’t have to touch or smell them ever again
  • No difficult twisting required, which means you’ll always have one hand free to look after your baby
  • Only compatible with the UK and Ireland version of the Angelcare Nappy Disposal System
  • It is very easy to dispose of a nappy. Just push it through the clamp system and it’ll disappear into the multi-layer nappy bag

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