AMELIORATE Intensive Skin Therapy 30ml


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AMELIORATE Intensive Skin Therapy 30ml

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A rich, non-petroleum based multi-purpose balm that provides a barrier to prevent moisture loss, holds moisture within the skin and encourages cell turnover; to rejuvenate, protect and deeply moisturise. Enhanced levels of lactic acid exfoliates dry & damaged skin, encourages cell turnover and leaves the skin feeling smoother. Additionally, the unique Lah6 skin hydration complex works to hydrate and nourish, holding protective properties that locks in moisture for 24 hours. Key ingredients: lpha Hydroxy therapy containing an enhanced Lactic acid formula to exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage cell turnover sweet almond oil and barley extract, with high levels of essential fatty acids, to soothe, condition and soften sore, flaky and damaged skin a blend of shea butter, Lanolin and our unique skin hydration complex for optimum hydration, nourishing and protective properties, locking in moisture for up to 24 hours how to use: Apply this non-greasy multi-purpose balm to any troublesome areas and gently massage until the balm is completely absorbed. For extremely dry areas apply a thick layer and allow the treatment to work while you sleep. Use at least 2 times daily for the first week and then use as often as required.

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